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Founder and CEO of Mind Body Goals Joins Insider ‘42 under 42’ list for Yorkshire

Insider Media has published the ‘42 under 42’ list celebrating successful entrepreneurs and business leaders from Yorkshire. A list to commemorate and honour organisations who have achieved great success and inspired the local entrepreneurs in the region.

Michael Crinnion, founder and CEO of Mind Body Goals and the creator of Luma³ has been selected for this year’s ‘42 under 42’ list from Yorkshire. The 40-year-old entrepreneur is behind the creation of Luma³, an intuitive and easy-to-use wellbeing companion that uses soft waves and pulses of gentle, soothing light and colour to guide people’s breathing, so they can focus on their breath and not worry about timings.

Michael said, "Being selected for 42 Under 42 is a wonderful thing for me - not just because I'm grateful it highlights that I'm under 40 - but because it helps people understand my story and how it is possible at any age to take something you are passionate about and turn it into a business.

Our first product Luma³ is all about doing things differently. It deliberately doesn't require an app, or an internet connection... you can't "share your breathing streak online". I felt these things added unnecessary pressure and complication to a healthy habit and so I went in the other direction. I see this desire to stand out and do things differently in many of the great entrepreneurs selected for this year's list and I am proud to be joining them!"

The Brighouse-based innovator started his journey with Mind Body Goals in 2021 with an aim to tackle the degrading mental health among the young generation. He successfully invented Luma³ to help students to focus on their well-being through conscious breathing and assist in adding the practice to their daily routines.

"it is possible at any age to take something you are passionate about and turn it into a business"

Through his 10:1 initiative, Michael aims to provide one Luma³ free of cost to a school, college, or university for every ten Luma³ sold. He believes that the best way to prepare young minds for the trials and tribulations of life is to help them learn simple, effective self-soothing techniques which they can use for the rest of their lives.

A portion of profits from the sales of Luma³ will also be used to directly subsidise or fund mental health interventions in school

Find out more about Luma³.

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