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This is for people who backed Luma³ on Kickstarter in May and June 2021.


Please see the important terms and conditions section for details.


✓ Learn and master four science based breathing techniques

  • Box breath mode
  • Triangle breath mode
  • 478 breath mode
  • Coherent breath mode

✓ Form a healthy habit of taking regular short breaks

  • Workmate mode sits with you while you work and nudges you once an hour to check-in and breathe

✓ Screen-free time away from your devices and pressures

  • No screens, accounts, logins or tracking
  • Just simple, beautiful pulses and waves of colour and light to guide you

✓ Improve the quality of your sleep with a relaxing ritual

  • Bedtime ritual mode leads you through an extended breathing exercise
  • Colour signals time gratefulness practice
  • A slow colour fade gently eases you to sleep

✓ Practice the powerful art of mindfulness

  • Light sand mode gives you and tactile focus for your attention
  • As you tip and sway Luma³ the light flows around the inside

✓ Support young people's mental health and wellbeing

  • For every 10 sold, one goes free to a school college or university as part of the 10:1 Initiative

Luma³ - Standard Plywood (Kickstarter Edition)

£60.00 Regular Price
£48.00Sale Price
  • Many of the same terms and conditions you agreed to on Kickstarter. If you would like to review the terms' you agreed to when pledging on Kickstarter they can be found here: Kickstarter Terms of Use

    You are however, no longer pledging on Kickstarter and understand that you will be charged immediately by Mind body Goals Ltd for this purchase. The money will still go towards funding the initial production of Luma³ - but will be taken immediately.

    As this product is still in development some minor changes to appearance and function may take place between the time of ordering and fulfilment of your order.

    Delivery is still estimated to be in November but you understand that this is an estimate and may change.

    In the unlikely scenario where Mind Body Goals Ltd is unable to fulfil your order you understand that you are not entitled to a full refund. Mind Body Goals Ltd will attempt to refund as much money as is feasible.