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I have so far been loving my Luma3. It's been so relaxing at night time and helping me to fall asleep. The guided breathing helps calm me down and the sleep function is perfect. The orb function is mesmerizing and soothing for when I'm winding down. The unit itself is of great quality and overall very happy with this purchase.


Aug 9, 2022

A great little device, have used it in breathing warm ups for the charity I work for, and my step daughter has it next to her bed at night to help with sleeping. This is a pretty big task, but as she’s getting used to it and building a routine around it it’s starting to work!


Jul 27, 2022

After waiting patiently with excitement for my Luma3 I have not been disappointed! Beautiful design. Simple instructions. Incredible packaging. I have been practicing my breathing techniques throughout the day. I definitely feel it has benefited my day to day response to stresses from working from home. Can’t recommend highly enough!

Victoria Page

Jul 19, 2022

I love my Luma! It sits on my desk at work, and I'm still learning all my Luma patterns, so I'll choose a breathing pattern or let it do it's gently soothing thing while I work. Anxiety approved.


Jul 16, 2022

I love how tactile the Luma³ is. In every aspect from the packaging to the product it feels quality made and incredibly well thought through. A quick read through of the instructions and a couple of minutes playing with it was all I needed to grasp how to access the different modes. It feels intuitive. I love the sand flow light mode, it's very soothing and good for grounding me without distracting me when I need to think over a problem or an idea. I also like the key code on the bottom to remind you which colour light is for which mode without the need for digging out the instructions again. I've had issues with anxiety in the past and find breathing exercises incredibly beneficial. I can see how Luma³ could do wonders for people who are new to it, or find focusing on breathing exercises difficult. I also like that it is not an app based product so that your phone is not a distraction.


Jul 8, 2022

Everything down to the packaging is well thought out. The Luma^3 is designed with quality materials and is easy to use. The soft transitions between colours and light intensity is mesmerizing! I can already see this becoming a great tool for self care.

Brittany Wilson

Aug 9, 2022

I bought the Luma³ for myself because I could see the real benefit of the gentle reminders to disconnect from work and take regular breaks. I'm one of those people who will get in the zone then 3 hours later look up and realise I've not moved from my screen and my neck is a mess.

The real surprise is how it has helped my 5 year old. He sometimes struggles to control his emotions and the cube is a great way to distract and focus his attention on something else. It allows him to calm down enough to talk through what the problem is.
I'm just using the sand light setting with him at the moment but plan to bring in the breathing as he gets used to using the cube.

Claire K

Jul 22, 2022

I recently purchased a luma as I have been looking to actively feel calmer and needed a stimulant to help me try mindfulness and give it a real go. Firstly I was surprisingly impressed by the packaging and the quality of the product. I like the wooden base and it looks good on my desk. The instructions on how to use and the variations are really simple and clear. Anyone can follow them. The luma looks nice and calming with the changing colours and tbh I have spent a bit of time just turning it upside down and fiddling with it whilst thinking things through at work. I've started to start my day and finish my day running through one of the breathing programs. I plan to stick with it. I have found it is helping me with my overall stress levels/anxiety. I still feel like that in situations but have felt more calm. It's early days but I do feel that if I keep the routine it will help me. The luma has been my reminder and has helped me do the breathing exercises properly which I definitely wouldn't have done if it was an app on my phone or something. I think it's important that it is not a phone app or watch that helps you with this. Overall I think it's a great product. I will probably buy some more for gifts for people as I think it's unusual but looks great.


Jul 19, 2022

I bought Luma³ so I could use it with my class - I am a primary school teacher. It is an incredible resource to have in your classroom! I have used Luma³ to introduce mindfulness with the children; it has become our morning routine, allowing the children to centre themselves before a day of learning. It is beautifully designed; the children are always eager to be chosen to gently press Luma³ to select their choice of breath - it can also be used as an incentive for good behaviour! The quality of the product is excellent; you can tell every aspect has been carefully considered. I love the oak base! I highly recommend Luma³.


Jul 11, 2022

It’s absolutely amazing! It looks so good, but it’s made me really conscious about my breathing and last 3 nights sleep have been the best in years!

D Holmes

Jun 28, 2022

My daughter loves her Luma. She finds it calming, relaxing and she finds it helps her to regulate her breathing when she is feeling anxious. She likes all four of the cycles but the yellowy/orange one is her favourite. The product is well made and thoughtfully designed as an attractive and useful item. Well worth waiting for. Thank you.

Ruth Lee

Aug 1, 2022

Brilliant little gadget for calming breathing exercises, its all in the light tempo and colour. Incredibly practical, with a variety of exercises.


Jul 20, 2022

I really like my Luma3 - it gives a pleasant mood lighting in my treatment room, and once I get the hang of the different modes, I am sure I will enjoy trying out the breathing routines. They will also be helpful for my patients.

June Tranmer

Jul 18, 2022

Really relaxing, amazing way to learn to control breathing and improve mood and sleep, I have already recommended Luma to my client's and they love the simplicity. I use mine every hour to remind myself to reset and think about putting my own internal brake on and reduce stress. An amazing piece of equipment.


Jul 10, 2022

A fantastic product that is amazingly easy to use but yet has such a dramatic effect! It’s portabile design means it easily gets snatched around the house by the family, especially before bed.

I’ve used the 4-7-8 quite a few times now before bed and it’s completely knocked me out!! Whereas my daughter prefers the square breath mode.

Definitely worth a look.


Jun 26, 2022

Great little bit of equipment and so well made. Our lives are so hectic and personally working from home I can find myself forgetting to take adequate breaks from my screen so the prompts on this device are brilliant. I haven't tried out all the settings but I am impressed with the ones I have!

Rachael Burke

Jul 28, 2022

A brilliant way to remind to to take time for self care. To take time in my day to breathe and re-set. The guidance from the light sequences is extremely helpful when trying to learn better breathing techniques.
I work with children in care, many with trauma based anxiety and hope to use this excellent product to help them learn to regulate their breathing, anxiety and hopefully behaviours. Can't wait to try it with them once I have fully familiarised myself with all the sequences !!

Rebekah Bell

Jul 19, 2022

As somebody who has a history of anxiety, stress and worry, often I would become overwhelmed when working on difficult tasks or when thinking about something major that was coming up in the future. Therefore I decided I needed to find a way to clear my mind and focus on my mental state. Many people had suggested that breathing techniques were a great way to stay in the present and calm down, but I found when doing these unaided I would lose concentration and stop. I then found out about the Luma cube when scrolling through social media. The product looked great aesthetically and it seemed like it would help me to stay focused when breathing / taking a break from the work load. Therefore, I decided to give it a try!

Since starting with the Luna cube I am able to take a break from the stress of work and reset my brain for a period of time. The colours that are used bring a sense of calm and with more than one setting I can try a range of different breathing techniques to tackle my anxiety.

A fantastic product that I would recommend to anyone.

Jake Allot

Jul 17, 2022

Love my Luma Cube! It's easy to use and serves as a very effective reminder to take time out during the work day. I have felt much calmer and more focused since using it. Great product!


Jul 9, 2022

Absolutely brilliant product. Looks great and has a selection of breathing patterns that really reminds you to relax and take time out!

O Jefferson

Jun 21, 2022

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