A powerful tool for calming your mind and body, breathing is your body’s way of telling your mind “hey, I’m here, I’m calm, and I’m ready”.

We’ve known it for thousands of years, and yet in the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s so easy to forget. That’s why we created Luma³.

When you welcome Luma³ into your home, workspace, or pocket, it’s a gentle reminder to pause, take a moment, and breathe…

When it’s time to check in with yourself, Luma³ will nudge you, using light to guide you through a range of breathing exercises - scientifically proven to bring you calm, balance, and gentle relief. 

When you’re not breathing with Luma³, its soft SteadyGlow™ bathes your room in calming colour. Wellness shouldn’t bolt onto your life, it should blend in with it, complement it, and allow it to unfold.

Wellness by design

Our ethos is a commitment to intentional living. Design that cares about you and your living spaces. Clean purposeful forms with no unnecessary flourishes, and thoughtful materials paired with neutral colours that make serene, uncluttered spaces.

The science of wellness

Every Luma³ product is grounded in science, teaching proven techniques that put wellness within reach of everyone.

Simple is beautiful

In a complex and often messy world, simplicity drives us to create authentic, sophisticated, and naturally beautiful solutions.

Give as we grow

For every 10 Luma³ sold, one will go free to a school, college or university to help support young people's wellbeing and mental health.

Our habits make us

The seed of every significant change is a series of small decisions that when repeated, grow into the habits that make us who we are.

Our founder

“Hello, I'm Michael and I created Luma³ (pronounced Lumacube) because I know it will be helpful to so many to have an easy way to access conscious breathing techniques. These techniques have helped me personally for over 20 years.

I have a background in design engineering and business, though I have happily spent 10 years of my life in education as a leader of pastoral care and wellbeing. Conscious breathing has not only boosted my own wellbeing and mental health but has also hugely benefited many young people and adults to which I have taught these simple techniques.

​The business behind Luma³ will be supporting young people's mental health through direct support in schools. So, when you buy Luma³, you're not only investing in your own wellbeing but helping to build resilient young minds.”