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If you have any questions you can of course reach out to us for support.

Square Breath Mode

2m 14s

Coherent Breath Mode

2m 03s

4,7,8 Breath Mode

2m 02s

Triangle Breath Mode

1m 59s

Ambient Mode

1m 59s

Sleep Ritual Mode

2m 30s

More information

If you have any questions you can of course reach out to us for support.

What's in the box?

When you open up the box to your Luma³, you will find your user guide which has all the information you will need, including a guide for each of the modes and guidance on how to breathe.

Lift up the internal lid and there it is, your brand new Luma³, pull out the cardboard lid as there is a USB-C charging cable attached to this - keep it safe.

Switching on Luma³

To turn on your Luma³ look on the bottom above the label, there is a small black switch - slide this over from the "0" to the "1" position.

​Luma³ will pulse with light and wait for you to place it upright.


There are four breathing modes to choose from: Square, Coherent, 4-7-8 and Triangle each indicated by a different colour.

To choose a breathing mode, while Luma³ is in standby, press gently on any of the four corners and release. Each time you do this Luma³ will shift colour to indicate your choice.

Once you see the colour of the breathing mode you want to do wait until the light inside begins to spin. Luma³ will wait like this while you get comfortable. Once you are ready press again.

Follow the intensity of the light with your breath. As the light rises up
breath in deeply, through your nose, until the light begins to pulse.
Each pulse is a one second long indicator to hold that deep breath. Once the light begins to fade, breath out slowly at the same rate. Square breath also has a period after you breath out where you should wait before the next breath - this is also indicated by a pulsing light. 

The breath mode will last for the recommended 5 minutes and then automatically go back to standby. If you'd like to finish sooner, press and hold for a moment until Luma³ switches colour and then release to go back to standby.

TIP: Try all of the different modes and see which one feels right for you in different moments

Exiting modes

If you'd like to finish a breath mode before the 5 minutes is over, press and hold for a moment until Luma³ switches colour and then release to go back to standby.

This also works when in Sleep Ritual and Ambient modes

Sleep Ritual mode

Luma³ has a special mode to help you to prepare for sleep. To access this, from standby mode, press and hold for 3 seconds. The light inside will spin and shift from orange to yellow indicating when you release the press and hold you will select Sleep Ritual.

Sleep Ritual is set to be at a much lower brightness so don't worry if it
looks a little dim in a fully lit room - it's meant for a gently lit

Sleep Ritual begins with an extended 4-7-8 breathing pattern - the light will spin inside while you get yourself comfortable and begin once you press any button. Once the breathing pattern is over, Luma³ will move on to sunset mode.  If you decide you're ready to finish breathing early, pressing briefly again will skip directly to the sunset mode.

Sunset mode will slowly fade through yellow, orange red and pink while gradually getting less and less bright. At the end of the cycle Luma³ will go to sleep and disable the motion sensor so you don't accidentally wake it up while you're sleeping.

A press and hold at any point will exit to standby.

TIP: Place Luma³ on the floor next to a wall and use the reflected light as your guide.

Ambient mode

From standby, a long press and hold for 6 seconds will start Ambient mode. To get there you'll wait through Sleep Ritual mode. The light will spin for Sleep Ritual mode, circle once in white and then start spinning for Ambient mode - release your press when you see this.

Waves of colour drift across Luma³, faster when it's in motion and dropping to a slower pace at rest. It will do this for as long as you like - or until the battery runs out if it's not plugged in.

Press and hold to exit.

Switching off Luma³

You don't really need to turn Luma³ off - it's designed to be left on and charged regularly, a bit like your phone.

However, there are some occasions where we think it is a good idea to turn it off, such as when you have a flat battery, if you don't plan to use it for a day or two or if you'd like to speed up the battery charging a bit.

In these cases, simply slide the power switch back from the "1" position to "0".