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"Award winning wellbeing entrepreneur agrees to give away 1000 copies of his new ebook and people love it"

5 Proven Ways To
Win Against Anxiety

(That are not medication)

Get instant access to this life-changing eBook, packed with practical, natural techniques to help you regain control and find peace.


"These 5 things gave me my life back"

  • Learn from someone who has personally overcome anxiety and wants to share their success strategies with you.

  • Uncover powerful, natural techniques that don't rely on medication.

  • Understand the science behind each method and why they work.

  • Easy to digest chapters that you can revisit whenever you need them.

  • Full 77-page e-book for FREE!

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Enter your email address below to receive your FREE copy of '5 Proven Ways to Win Against Anxiety' and start your journey to a calmer, happier life.

"Finally, a book written by someone who truly understands living with anxiety."

Why I wrote this and why it's free...


You know what? I looked for a book like this when I was first diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and... it wasn't there.

And so began 20 years of learning things the hard way, through trial and error. Each of the 5 techniques in this book are are now a routine part of my daily defence against anxiety. Knowing I have these strategies against anxiety means I experience less anxiety over all and that is something I want to share.

Could I have sold this book? Yes. Did everyone tell me to sell it? Yes. Did I ignore that advice. Absolutely.

So, why give it away for free?

I love nothing more than sharing information, especially if it's useful and important and that's exactly what I've written in the book. Useful and important information for anybody who is experiencing anxiety, or wants to learn how to live with less anxiety.

I also found that a lot of the information out there tells you what to do but doesn't spend any time explaining why it's helpful. I found that meant I was much less trusting of the information. This lead to me taking longer than I would have liked to access these techniques. So in my book I spend time summarising the science behind each one and helping you understand that the anti-anxiety techniques are based on science and proven to work.

My background is in education and design. I have used my skills in design to create Luma³ and my skills in education to create this book. I can't afford to give away free Luma³ to everyone (although I do give them to schools for free!)... but I can give you a copy of this book.

I really hope this book helps you get to where I am now much quicker than the 20 years it took me. if it helps drop me a message by replying to the email sent after you sign up - I'd love to hear from you.

Wishing you a happier life in control of your anxiety,


Enter your email address below to receive your FREE copy of '5 Proven Ways to Win Against Anxiety' and start your journey to a calmer, happier life.

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