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New collaboration with wellbeing tech business Cambridge Sleep Sciences Ltd

New collaboration with wellbeing tech business Cambridge Sleep Sciences Ltd

UK-based Cambridge Sleep Sciences (CSS), the science-based sleep technology business behind the ground-breaking sleep aid device SleepHub®, has announced a new collaboration with Mind Body Goals, creators of the brand new Luma³ wellbeing product.

Both companies will combine their skills and expertise in creating innovative products to explore ways to harness their respective technologies. With a common focus on improving health and wellbeing, and growing demand for products in this sector, the collaboration is expected to deliver a unique market offering.


  “We started talking about opportunities with Luma³ during their recent Kickstarter campaign and the fit between our businesses was clear from the outset. Luma3 has a unique proposition which complements our own perfectly. I’m looking forward to working together and using our technologies to help improve the wellbeing of many more people.”
- Dr Julian Stone, Cambridge Sleep Sciences


“SleepHub® and Luma³ are highly complementary products and once we started talking to CSS, it quickly became apparent that our company visions were also very well aligned. I’m excited to be collaborating with CSS and building on this alignment to reach a wider audience for both our products. Ultimately, helping people to feel and sleep better, is what it’s all about.”
- Michael Crinnion, Mind Body Goals


SleepHub® is the first in a range of sleep products from CSS, part of The Barkby Group Plc, and is the result of more than a decade of research and development. Users are helped to achieve quality, natural sleep through scientifically formulated sounds, delivered using a pair of premium speakers, that use specific beats and pulses to modulate sleep patterns.

Luma³ is a new wellbeing device that uses gentle pulses of colour and light to guide users through simple and effective conscious breathing. It can help boost wellbeing through reducing stress and prompting breaks during busy times. As part of Luma³'s 10:1 initiative, for every ten Luma³ products sold, one will go free to a school, college or university to support young people's mental health and wellbeing.

You can find out more about the innovative work Cambridge Sleep Sciences are doing to improve wellbeing through the power of natural sleep here.

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