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Feeling stressed?
We totally understand - Luma³ can help.

By your side for a better,
more enjoyable day...

  • Feeling stressed out?
    Reduce your stress, any time in just 5 minutes using the power of your breath.


  • Working too long without breaks?
    Get a gently reminder once an hour to take a much needed break.


  • Too much time on your phone?
    No screens needed, beautiful waves of colour and light guide your breathing.


  • Trouble sleeping?
    We've got that something for that too!

At work, in the evening and before bed...


Square Breath
Stay calm and focussed in pressure situations,  this pattern helps you perform well during stressful states.

Coherent Breath
Place the heart, lungs and circulation into a state of coherence where the body is working at it's natural rhythm.

478 Breath
Proven to have a profoundly relaxing effect on our body's nervous system and combat stress.

Triangle Breath
A simple effective workout for the diaphragm and a quick and easy way to destress and refocus.

The experts love Luma³...

Dr. Kat Lederle - Author of 'Sleep Sense'

"I’m very excited about Luma³. It offers a gentle nudge to pay attention to what we all do – breathe. Sleeping is a natural function, and so is breathing. They can both impact one another. Luma³ provides a simple way to support both."


Alessandra La Via - Digital Wellbeing Consultant

"In my work with organisations, I see Luma³’s potential as both an employee wellbeing and productivity tool. By using Luma³ as a timer in Hourglass mode to aid the timing of focused work periods and then practicing conscious breathing in break periods, you can reset and step out of ‘always-on’ working patterns."


Dr Gregory Warwick - Counselling Psychologist

"Luma³ guides people to regulate their breathing which helps them with their anxiety, depression, PTSD, BPD, chronic pain or autism. I'm excited to have Luma³ in my toolkit it will be a great addition for anyone who needs simple assistance with mastering conscious breathing."

Join the 'less stress' movement...

 by Nick

"What a great product - beautifully crafted and excellent in use. Highly recommended for anyone looking to de-stress through the proven method of conscious breathing but without any intrusive reminders."

by Chelsea

"I have so far been loving my Luma3. It's been so relaxing at night time and helping me to fall asleep. The guided breathing helps calm me down and the sleep function is perfect."

by Victoria

"I have been practicing my breathing techniques throughout the day. I definitely feel it has benefited my day to day response to stresses from working from home. Can’t recommend highly enough!"

Innovation based on science...

  • Adjusting your breathing rate and depth is proven to relax your body and mind.

  • When you breathe like this is activates the body's 'rest and digest' nervous system.

  • Doing this regularly prevents your body from being stressed all day.

Benefits for your mind and body...

Lower the chance of cardio vascular disease, such as heart attacks.


Better mental health and reduced risk of developing anxiety of depression


Reduce the risk of stroke from high blood pressure


Relaxing muscles means less tension and so few aches and pains

Why Luma³ goes further...


Solid oak wooden base and high quality build and finish. Made In Britain standard accredited.


All day rechargeable battery via modern USB-C port.


Plastic free packaging. Certified carbon negative. 150% of emissions are offset by planting trees.


For every 10 sold 1 goes to a school for free to support young people's mental health.

Luma³ running 478 Breath while being held in hands.jpg

Get yours now.

With fast delivery in plastic free packaging.


14 day returns available if you are not completely satisfied.


12 month warranty.

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