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Mind Body Goals Ltd receives Made In Britain accreditation

Mind Body Goals Ltd receives Made In Britain accreditation

Mind Body Goals becomes the latest to join Made in Britain

Brighouse, 8 March 2022 : Mind Body Goals, the creators behind Luma³, a well-being and mental health device are the latest organization to have received the Made in Britain accreditation. Packaging for Luma3, the flagship product of Mind Body Goals, will proudly display the Made in Britain accredited logo - signifying the product's close relationship with British manufacturers and pride in being a British made product.

Michael Crinnion, CEO and founder of Mind Body Goals said, "As a British based company, with global ambitions, we're thrilled to be the latest in the long line of products featuring the Made in Britain hallmark. We look forward to supporting businesses throughout the United Kingdom through the manufacturing and distribution of Luma3"

Mind Body Goals is proud to be associated with Circuitbase Ltd, a UK-based manufacturer responsible for producing and assembling the electronic components of Luma³ and for the final product assembly and quality checks. Without their fantastic work, Luma³ would not be a reality.


The addition of the Made in Britain logo to product packaging, social media and the website is the latest exciting step in Luma3’s launch journey with the innovative product due to launch in early April this year.

About Mind Body Goals, "Mind Body Goals are the creators behind Luma³, a new wellbeing device that uses gentle pulses of colour and light to guide users through simple and effective conscious breathing. It can help boost wellbeing by reducing stress and prompting breaks during busy times. As part of Luma³'s 10:1 initiative, for every ten Luma³ products sold, one will go free to a school, college, or university to support young people's mental health and wellbeing".

About Made in Britain, "Made in Britain is a not-for-profit organisation that supports British manufacturers under a single, registered collective mark. The mark represents a standard of quality and unity for the British manufacturing sector within the UK and around the world".

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