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Reveal day is off to a great start with the release of the Impact Sessions Podcast

Reveal day is off to a great start with the release of the Impact Sessions Podcast

Check out our founder Michael Crinnion as the guest on The Impact Sessions podcast as we lift the lid on Luma³, what it stands for and the journey to this point.

The podcast covers how Michael made the transition from teaching in secondary education to creating Luma³, the product development journey so far including the challenges that had to be overcome to make Luma³ a reality and a little on the science behind what makes it such an an effective tool for combating stress and boosting wellbeing.

"I have to say, Luma³ does in it's own right, feel like a really nice piece of desk furniture, with high quality Swedish design and good quality materials" - Nick Bramley (Presenter, The Impact Sessions)

Michael talks about his firm belief that conscious breathing is an easily accessible tool which anyone can use to help themselves feel better. This belief grew from his long term personal use of the techniques ever since his 20s, at which time he had his own battles with anxiety.

Nick Bramley, who presents The Impact Sessions has some very positive things to say about Luma³ commenting on both the fantastic design and the high quality feel of the materials.

"I knew in my heart I wasn't ready to move back to product design without continuing my link with and passion for education" - Michael Crinnion (Founder, Mind Body Goals)

Luma³ is launching on Kickstarter on May 4th 2021. Sign up to be the first to know when pre-orders go live.

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