The science of luma³ and how it helps with stress and anxiety

Dr. Gregory Warwick

Counselling Psychologist - Quest Psychology Services

"I've been lucky enough to get my hands on the Luma³ prototype as well as consult with their team on the practical applications and psychology behind how Luma³ can help people to easily feel better. It is a beautiful object that is pleasing to hold and compliments perfectly what I teach my patients to help improve their mental health.

Mindfulness and conscious breathing might seem like an uncomfortable concept but it is now a core part in new CBT therapies. We need it because regulating your breathing in a specific way has some truly great benefits. It helps us in managing anxiety, flashbacks, stress, depression, emotional dysregulation, sensory overload and chronic pain on a neurological level. With the right focus and patterns to breathing the science shows we can engage the parasympathetic nervous system causing our bodies to cease production of stress hormones, moving us from 'fight or flight' to 'rest and digest' mode.

Luma³ is an affordable and accessible tool for achieving these benefits. Mindfulness like this can be used in two primary forms; it can either help us be aware of our situation and the present so that we are not caught up in distressing thoughts. Or we can use it to lean into the uncomfortable emotions and situations around us, when we stop struggling with these the pain and distress that comes with them often lessens.

I'm excited to have Luma³ in my toolkit it will be a great addition for anyone who needs simple assistance with mastering conscious breathing."

Dr. Gregory Warwick, DCounsPsych, CPsych, AFBPsS

Luma³ as part of a corporate wellbeing strategy

Alex La Via

Digital Wellbeing Consultant - Live More Offline

"In my work with organisations, I see Luma³ as both an employee wellbeing and productivity tool. By using Luma as a timer in Workmate mode to aid the timing of focused work periods and then practising conscious breathing in break periods, you can reset and step out of 'always-on' working patterns.

In the future of hybrid work, empowering individuals with the tools to enhance wellbeing and productivity in their own homes is critical and is a core part of my work at Live More Offline. What I love about Luma is that you are not using technology to create a break from technology.

I could easily see this form part of a wider wellbeing strategy or a welcome gift for new starters as a demonstration of an organisation's intentions to encourage healthy and sustainable working Patterns."

Alex La Via

Using Luma³ to promote wellness and healthy sleep

Dr Kat Lederle

Sleep & Circadian Health Specialist - Somnia

“I'm very excited about the Luma3. It offers a gentle nudge to pay attention to what we all do - breath. And by checking in with your breath during the day, no matter how you breath, chances are you, your body and brain will slow down for a moment.

Simply noticing particularly your out-breath can help to strengthen your 'tend and befriend' system thereby lowering your arousal. This not only benefits the moment, it can also benefit your night-time sleep.

Sleeping is a natural function, and so is breathing. They can both impact one another. Luma3 provides a simple way to support both.

Dr. Katharina Lederle, PhD, MSc