Build a culture of wellness and normalise good work habits with Luma³ – improving minds, motivation, and productivity one breath at a time.

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Wellness means business

Supporting mental health

We’re proud to work with the NHS, trialling Luma³ in multiple care settings

The perfect perk

Luma³ is offered by HEKA to help employees manage screen time

Part of the whole solution

Whitecalm Wellness offer Luma³ in complement to their wellbeing services

Luma³ is 100% carbon neutral

Verified and used daily by positive planet

The easy way to shop sustainably offers Luma³ as part of their wellness and health range

Proudly designed and built in the UK

Luma³ is Made In Britain accredited and proud to be made in the UK

A work perk that actually works

Your team needs more than free fruit to be their best each day. With Luma³ small, regular breaks turn into days, months, and even years of healthy, engaged employees.


of employees report that stress impacts their productivity


don’t take the recommended breaks during their workday

18.6 days

lost per employee due to stress or anxiety on average

Wellness without screens or subscriptions

Choose from four guided breathing exercises, proven to reduce stress and increase focus. When it’s time for a break, Luma³ uses pulses of light to gently remind you to take a break.

85% cheaper than mindfulness and breathing apps

Calculated versus a typical monthly subscription of £9.99 for market leading mindfulness apps lasting for the average 4 year tenure of an employee in one company. This totals £479.52 for the period versus £75 for Luma³.

Businesses save on Luma³

Support young Minds

For every 10 Luma³ sold, one goes free to a school, college or university. As an added bonus, businesses that purchase 10+ Luma³ can nominate the schools that benefit.

Free delivery for workplaces

Delivery to your office is entirely free. Remote workers, fear not - we can ship individually or in batches to wherever your team works.

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