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Michael talks to Unmasked Mental Health about Luma³ and how it's going to help young people.

Michael talks to Unmasked Mental Health about Luma³ and how it's going to help young people.

Big thanks to Unmasked Mental Health, who had our founder Michael Crinnion on for a live session on their Facebook page.

You can watch the full stream here.

Logan and Michael talk through the Luma³ Kickstarter campaign and ask for support to get Luma³ to market. To fully fund on Kickstarter Michael needs to raise £42'000, to pay for the initial setup and manufacturing of the first units.

This goal also includes costing in the 10:1 Inititative - where for every 10 sold, including during the fundraising campaign, one will be given to a school, college or university for free.

Logan highlights how brilliant Luma³ is as a tool for managing stress and anxiety in a natural way, without the need for medication. He also stresses that this is something that can be done privately to self sooth and doesn't require talking or opening up to help manage your feelings.

"I'd really like Luma³ to become part of the movement in businesses and schools that wellbeing isn't just a "tack-on" or a buzzword but is integral to how you make decisions" - Michael Crinnion

Michael shows Logan the various modes Luma³ has for breathing and anxiety relief, as well as the mindfulness modes and a short demonstration of the box breath breathing cycle.


Logan is interested in the science behind conscious breathing and the pair talk through how effective this is for reducing stress and helping people of all ages to quickly and effectively calm and centre themselves.

If you're interest in finding out more about Unmasked Mental Health, check out their Website and Facebook page. They are on a mission to removing the stigma of mental health one mask at a time and this is something we fully support.

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