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Stress Awareness Month - How conscious breathing can help reduce stress

Stress Awareness Month - How conscious breathing can help reduce stress

How often do you think about your stress levels?

Perhaps a more important question is how often do you take action to reduce stress within your mind and body?


April is Stress Awareness Month. This helps generate awareness of issues around stress, promote discussions around the causes of stress and how to reduce it leading to better mental health and overall well-being.

According to a nation-wide survey conducted by Mental Health Foundation, 74% of adults claimed that they have experienced or are unable to cope with stress at a certain period of their life. The arrival of Covid-19 and the frequent lockdowns - and social isolations associated with it - have left a mental scar on the general public.

A study conducted by the Stress Management Society found that 65% of people have dealt with high levels of stress since the beginning of Covid-19 restrictions. A feeling of disconnection, an unpredictable situation, and a precarious future were determined as the three main factors of stress.


How Conscious Breathing Can Improve Your Mental Health

Breathing is a natural function similar to sleeping and including conscious breathing in your daily routine will elevate your mental health leading to smooth functioning of your overall body.

Deep breathing is said to calm stress and anxiety and helps our minds to be more relaxed and focused. It is proven to help move our body from a stressed state to one of rest and relaxed focus by activating our parasympathetic nervous system. By slowing down our breathing, and extending the lengths of our exhalations, we signal to the body that we are safe and activate the "rest and digest" response.

Since the two systems are effectively opposites, this suppresses the stress response. This assists our body to relax and we feel a pleasant sense of wellbeing.


How Luma³ Can Help Reduce Your Stress

Luma³ is a revolutionary cube that is beautifully designed and can be carried and placed anywhere of your choice. Luma³ gently illuminates while you work and tells you to take a quick break from your schedule.

It can assist you in your fight against anxiety and stress by gently reminding you to take a 5-minute conscious breathing break every hour. The simple and effective methods of Luma³ will help you to boost your mental health and improve your wellbeing.

Through the four scientifically proven methods of conscious breathing, the portable cube helps individuals - irrespective of their age group - take a moment for themselves. Conscious breathing allows us to fully open our respiratory system, which is difficult for the body to do when breathing is restricted. Physical, mental, and emotional problems, such as stress, anxiety, and a lack of energy, are common in these situations

Luma³ is shipping to pre-order customers in April and will be ready for new customers soon afterwards. If you'd like to reserve one of the limited stock then please use this Link.

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